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Retreat house at Washington State among the trees with lake view

evening living room on quite retreat building washingtonlet us bring you to the one of adorable home retreat with completely beauty read more..»

Beautiful home interior at RainShine House, Georgia

Contemporary Home Design by Albert M. Cain Photo 1

Designed by Albert M. Cain this contemporary house has a butterfly roof structure with an attractive interior design. The perfect height of a floating wooden roof supported by steel frame and large expanses of thermally broken glazing with solar shades and operable windows create freshness and ensures natural light spread throughout the interior. A combination of roof and wooden floors implies read more..»

Wooden Floating House, a Unique Architecture by MOS

Luxury Wooden House Architecture Photo 1

The location on the Great Lakes imposed complexities to the house’s fabrication and construction, as well as its relationship to site. Annual cyclical change related to the change of seasons, compounded with escalating global environmental trends, cause Lake Huron’s water levels to vary drastically from month-to-month, year-to-year read more..»

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