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Slide or Fold screen glasses

huge folding doors to kitchen areaGet enough supply of light and air circulation, could be one of many consideration of many designer to deliver slide or fold doors-window ideas. Other benefit is have simple arrangement around the house or office even other building statement.

At limited or perhaps plenty space those two subject are suitable to applied, again depends to what designer or house owner needs. Using nowadays framing from light allumunium or back to classic framed made from wooden solid to bring more delighfull aesthetic to house designer.

When these bigscreen implemented into our house, we have to prepare anything pertaining the maintenance in order to get various problem around them. Not but least having this lovely concept is always bring strong concept around the building.

big window big sliding door

black framed two ways screen glass

conecting sliding door from living room to kitchen


Main folding gate at the front

three big doors on sideyard

wooden framed big folding doors

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