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Minimalist sofa idea

Colorful sofa to minimalist house concept

Soft furnishing is always be a part of interior design, in every home designthey always bring a special tone inside the house

For small concept house or apartment, optimized the every limited space is only option. a lovely combination between soft furnishing and furniture that suit to house zoning can be deliver a nice atmosphere.

Make the room much alive can be combine with framing concept or using custom banner that repersent the main idea or concept the interior design.

cornered sofa with wall full of frame

design sofa in minimalist spaceThe right choice of furniture sofa choice is also important part, which its will carry on to the implementation of idea optimize small area inside the apartment or small space house. Nowadays design or simple cast or classic concept is always be a choice depend to house owner.

Placing several wall painting or other images object also bring a good vibration inside the house.

Minimalist furniture on limited space house

Optimized Living room from limited entrance space

soft cussion sofa in small space corner

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