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Garden idea form small spaces

Aerial view small lovely corner gardenHome sweet home, you might know this quote. Yes…. everyone of us try to do the best to make home as wonderful place to stay. Back to house component, garden is one powerful aspect of house beautification. First picture shows how to explore small space around the corner or other side inside the house. A simple combination between arrangement stone-make with several flower and plantation which blended with fish-pool is adorable spot inside the house. And please be sure to provide good maintenance since fish-pool need a best circulation water.

beauiful smart idea of inhouse garden bench conceptI call this briliant idea as lounge garden, you can have extra quaility time on this area. Arrange with neat measure using combination of plantaion and soft grass, covered by concrete and tile, this inhouse garden much perfect by using long solid wooden bench. A proper sunbeam will be needed since we are will using live and original plantation within.


lovely garden yard on limited space houseNot just inhouse garden, for house that has no enough space to deliver garden concept, back to classic concept, we still can always use front or backyard to release passion of gardening, need the perfect arrangement between flowers, plantation and stoney plot. It will make your day cheerfull


small gazebo inhouse garden ideaGazebo or small shelter probably not to famous in several country since the climate different between them. as pictures, we can found the the designer placed the gazebo floated on small fish pool, on the way to gazebo it set as pathway stones with Ying and Yang iconic, looks wonderful.

Still unstope, using stages waterfall at the wall bring luxurious wall concept supporting the gazebo, and interesting also inspiring idea.

stages waterfall idea on outside house small gardenStill review about stages waterfall, with hard concrete structures its aplicable on the outside garden or corner wall to bring nature concept combine to big stones underneath. a lovely idea if the house have enough space

stoney wall concept inside the house

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