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Three Dimentional Store Design

multishape ceiling on stunning boutiqueRetail business probably one most interesting industry which delivered lots of variaty in interior design.  Created by Kengo Kuma, this cool based organic element store located in Singapore, posted via living pod the studio design influence the organic pattern on plant, uses a honey-comb structure comprised of Lauan-made plywood to cover-up the wall-space with the natural warmth of wood complementing a fashion line notorious for its assemblage of iconic cashmere sweaters.

night facade of lovely ornament storeFrom the building facade we able to view that the architectural concept seeking balance between economical aspect and the lovely creation of various organic shape across the studio’s wall.

remarkable wooden set boutiq designWith a repeating pattern of pentagons and parallelogram, extending further in the interior like a cave, this solution created a honeycomb-like internal space with lots of different cells. By changing the section’s cutting, each cell in the wall has acquired a practical application either as shelf or box to place products. Rather than setting in an individual wall or furniture separately in the shop, the studio created a single, sequenced and functional wall that covers the entire space

wall panel display with comfortable sofa

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