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Various Idea in Lighting

Intelegent Light Design by Spanish Firm EstiluzMagnificent idea of lighting setup can be found on this genuine idea, how the designer create this stunning composition using lights that so much attention in aesthetics aspec, and here the review from

Can you imagine your lighting schedule based on the day and time? Can you imagine that the lights come on when entering or leaving home for geolocation? What if you could receive e-mail notifications or social networking with a flicker in the lights? That and much more … There is even the possibility of applying a workplace where every person can control the lighting to suit your specific needs using only what is needed, when and as needed. therefore in this age we live in, when we speak of “light” we mean not only the aesthetics of the lamps, the design , the decoration or art involved. We speak also of technology , of energy saving of sustainability … and, above all customization . Because you can not talk about you need some light in a certain place because you know that we are changing beings in changing spaces and want (and deserve) to each of the things suit you, your needs every moment. Years ago, You might seem that the situation we propose is something out of a fiction film, but thanks to the constant research of lighting manufacturers , is becoming a reality, little by little, will be available to all. Without going any further, before to have some control over much simpler action was necessary to have a home automation. Today just a smartphone or tablet. Can you imagine what we can do tomorrow? Tech!

Poulpe lamp for interior designproduct name : poulpe M-2947

The Sea and one of its most representative, octopus inhabitants serve as inspiration for this collection. POULPE highlights the sensuality of its design, characterized by voluminous and suggestive forms in different versions. POULPE is the fruit of the imagination of Oriol Llahona . Inspired by how octopuses catch their prey, the POULPE light bulb involves subtle and delicate way. Screen gently taper fours emerge that bind at the base leaving the light inexorably drain and indirectly. In the words of the designer, “is a seemingly very neutral piece, but then you realize that something happens. There is a transgression within the apparent normalcy.” This collection includes the version of lit table, pendant and floor. POULPE is made ​​of rigid polyurethane foam in a lacquered finish and is available in three colors. Gloss white, matte black and gray cava model illuminated table is made ​​of a single piece of rigid polyurethane foam. In this way we get a clean luminaire, in which the screen is extended by four legs which are bent to form a base in a crosshead. Through its satin white glass light projecting a nuanced, creating an effect of light on everything that rests on the table.

 Kant design Versatile collection designed to articulate and orientedkant A-3260

Kant is a Students Ribaudi work , a collection consisting of a floor lamp and a metal implement, in chrome finish, white and red, the rectilinear architecture design draws pure forms. His thin volumes and connecting their exquisite pieces, become a subtle and elegant fixtures.    reading sconce features a convenient swivel arm and adjustable screen, perfect to provide a direct and precise lighting. Its design is integrated articulated so that hardly projects from the wall when not in use. It is also a lamp as functional as it can change the position of the base to install the switch to the right or to the left.

Village Space Peralada Festival 2013When we discus about vilage living, doesn’t have to be back in time with old-stuff and away from tech, The CODIC (i decoradors Col.legi d’Interiors of Catalonia / Girona) has made ​​decorating the exterior spaces of Peralada Festival 2013. The Dot and Nan lamps illuminate the nights of this prestigious festival of music, dance, opera and culture. Another brake through for lighting concept in simple form.

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