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The inspiration of star-quality bathroom fixture

Alessi Dot - Tokyo Bathroom

The combination of stylish faucet and unique ceramic washbasin create a fashionable bathroom interiors, as shown in these pictures of bathroom ideas. The innovative design of ceramic elements as well as tapware build an elegant appearance and add a relaxed ambience for the bathroom decor. Featuring new bathroom concept, Il Bagno Alessi One and Il Bagno Dot, the collaboration Oras and Alessi that has became a great success and offers a unique level of functionality, comfort and hygiene.

The bathroom was designed as a whole, combining the aesthetics of design with practicality. Due to their pure and simple lines, the faucets of this international collection are ideally suited to any modern bathroom. Also present Oras Cubista, a modern touchless faucet with geometrically clear lines that can be easily placed in different environments and connected to different bathroom interior designs. Visit Oras – here.

Alessi One - New York Bathroom

Alessi Touchless - Los Angeles Bathroom

Contemporary Faucet - Copenhagen Bathroom

Cubista Touchless - Beverly Hills Bathroom

Modern Faucet - Milan Bathroom

Touchless Faucet - Harajuku Bathroom

Touchless Faucet - La Rochelle Bathroom

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