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Modular walk-in wardrobe that fit in every architectural space

Millimetrica Walk-In Closet by MisuraEmme

The modularity features is an important thing when designing a dressing room that suit the available space. The walkin-in wardrobe container furniture and organizers should also be fitted to the room shape and size. This collection meets all these requirements related to the perfectly customized walkin-in closets. Every parts of this modular wardrobe furniture are very stable, easy to combine and strengthen the room accents. One of the walkin-in wardrobe featuring ultra-light and airy solutions with great flexibility in the wide choice of internal equipment. The hanging walk-in closet has a modular racking mechanism, back panels, floating shelves and base standing drawers. Visit MisuraEmme for more information.

Crossing Night Walk-In Wardrobe by MisuraEmme

I-Box Walk-In Closet by MisuraEmme

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    1. i like the minimal look and warm colours. i would like to see some more close up images

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