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A jewel in the bathroom with beautiful mosaic bathtubs by Sicis

Audrey Mosaic Bathtub by Sicis

The newest member of the dynamic range produces by Sicis is the collection of bathtubs covered in exquisite colored tiles, defining a decorative object which no longer restricted to the bathroom. In fact, it would be migrate to the living room, the bedroom or even the garden. Sicis bathroom is an object of sculpture, beautiful to see and pleasurable to use. A bathroom decoration, whether geometric, floral or stylized – Sicis always create a note of uniqueness to enhanced the details form of the bathtub. Visit SICIS – The Art Mosaic Factory.

Denver Mosaic Red Bathtub by Sicis

Maxima Mosaic Golden Bathtub by Sicis

Perry Luxury Mosaic Bathtub by Sicis

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