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Rumah Bangka, Indonesian Home Design by Raul Renanda


Indonesian architect Raul Renanda adopts from the vernacular in his designs for the Rumah Bangka, Raul Renanda was involved not only in the design of the buildings and site, but also in the branding of the project.

Residential Home Design at Night

The Rumah Bangka is a townhouse project in the heart of an up market area in Jakarta consisting of 9 units. Each unit has 3 bedrooms with an additional bedroom on the first floor. The master bedroom spills over onto a mezzanine overlooking the front of the house.

Residential Townhouse Design

The unit is designed within an open plan arrangement to allow flexibility in the organization of its interiors The design is marked by the designer’s signature strong angled roofs which are interpreted by him as modernized vernacular elements. The unit also has an indoor swimming pool which can be converted into a larger living room for several units. [Photographs by Raul Renanda, Pikut, Courtesy of the architect]

[Source: Architecture Page]

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